Since 2017, Sin City has gone green. If you’re in Vegas and are looking for some cannabis, don’t worry - It’s completely legal in Nevada, even for recreational use. If you’re in Vegas, odds are you’re staying within the vicinity of the strip, so here are the 5 best cannabis dispensaries near the Las Vegas strip!

2. Jardin


Pronounced Har-deen, which is the Spanish word for ‘garden,’ Jardin is a boutique dispensary, both in terms of how it looks, as well as the products they offer. At Jardin, you’ll not only find the absolute finest strains, but also some very impressive, cool and desirable peripherals - glassware, pipes, little collectibles, and memorabilia are all very common here. Jardin may not look like a traditional dispensary, as it looks more like a boutique that sells luxury clothing, but is the perfect stop for some terrific green. If you’re overwhelmed with a sense of choice, don’t worry - Jardin has excellent staff who are very friendly and knowledgeable, and will walk you through everything you need to know!